case studies

Brand Radainz Ideas over the years have proved to have creative pertinent persuasion to achieve deep and transformational impacts. These concepts have empowered goals, multiplied the reach and taken the lead with effective Brand Purpose.

An Uniquely Designed Citizen Science Project for Participative Engagement & Climate Action in line with the Sustainable Development Goals - "Nature is Art for Conservation" comes alive with fine art photography and "Discovering Science Through The Lens" excites you with educational films.

Dealing with the Extraordinary levels of Waste generation today is one of the biggest challenges for our Planet. Each segment of people across settlements have to manage this problem successfully to safeguard health in their communities and living environment. Solid Waste Management Roundtable Bangalore (SWMRT) wanted a Creative and Strategic Solution to reach people and get them to participate in waste management.

A creative concept was designed and developed for behaviour change. The concept of 3 GREEN SPOTS to change your life. The approach was to present Composting as an Opportunity. The composting activity and the resulting rich compost gives rise your the first GREEN SPOT. From there it lends energy to you as the urban farmer as the Compost serves well for organic vegetables garden and this forms the second GREEN SPOT. From here cooking with the vegetables from your compost enriched garden makes your cooked dish with the vegetables the third GREEN SPOT.

The movement   "SwachaGraha - Start a Green Spot"

Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment. Trees not only remove harmful chemicals from the soil, but also help reduce the greenhouses leading to global warming. My Green Glass is a concept that has been presented at Educational Institutions to adopt. The concept & strategy is to build enthusiasm and interest in the Green Practice of Planting Trees.

Science and Innovations have always played an important in changing our world for the better. An Information & Learning platform with these values has been built for a Corporate Organisation as this reflected its Brand Purpose. This digital reach is a continuous resource with interesting films and templates with exciting information.

Popular market Brand was first positioned with a conventional creative campaign line across Radio, Print, Outdoor and Advertising films. Then this Brand was also presented with the exceptional potential of social change attribute using the same creative campaign line. This for the Corporate Organisation offered another dimension, as it could work towards social goodness & fulfil its Brand Purpose.

Skilling People & achieving Conservation needs are huge challenges to meet in the habitats around Western Ghats. A documentary story filmed for Earthwatch Institute India shows this beautiful balance being met. Innovative products like Cooking Stoves from Centre for Ecological Studies - IISC are being used by the local community there to achieve this success and is part of this narrative.

MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses today face the challenge of delivering strong video content which covers all visual attributes for an effective learner engagement with the online course student. The concept of VISION BOX with Mission tasks is our methodology to ensure that all stakeholders in the production of a MOOC can work towards designing material effectively and enhance the course audio visual outcome. This approach was presented to IIMBX (MOOCs at IIM Bangalore ) to implement for a few MOOCs. Multiple consulting sessions for the team with practical working demonstrations were a part of this project.

Social Impact Communication Ideas in the early 90's include work with a Street Children Home - BOSCO, exploring their story with Still Images & Voice. Among others, another project developing creative message documentaries to share the inception vision of Agastya International Foundation. A Documentary film Expressions on Hindustani Music Festival - Devnandan Ubhayaker Yuva Sangeet Utsav. This story featured young musicians with their journey of work and its Founder, a celebrated & world renowned Hindustani Vocalist Smt Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker. The film was empowered with the support of Smt Rohini Nilekani.

The Appreciative Inquiry Documentary Film project is now widely used as a learning tool. The 4-D Appreciative Inquiry Cycle was applied as a Positive Path in Rural Indian Communities.This film was developed for IISD - International Institute for Sustainable Development (Canada ) & MYRADA (India) in the Year 1999. It was Filmed in Kolar (Karnataka)

Freedom Through Education of Round Table India School - BMRT 44 with LC 5 desired to get people involved in supporting and also volunteering as mentors. Concept Documentaries & Photo Essays were developed to reach the broad audiences and inspire them to engage with the School Children in Year 2001 / 2003. The Story concepts included - "I Have a Dream" and "Infinity & I"

ASHA works towards creating a world class learning environment for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their goal was to bridge the gap between the society and these children with their families. The Concept Poster releases & Pledge Card Campaign was developed in the Year 2000. "Lets Leap Forward" was filmed to engage a dialogue with the audiences. This is an Award winning Documentary, Empowered by HP Employees in the Year 2006. Short message films on Autism to educate people at large were also developed for The National Trust - Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Water across the world holds our attention as the key to life and food production. IDE India a Globally Recognised & Awarded Organisation supported by the leading Foundations of the World wanted to communicate on the productive and essential uses of Water effectively down to the last mile. From the year 2006 Feature Length Films have been written & directed to engage audiences. 5 films across 6 languages have been produced. These were developed and filmed with Actors in 5 different states of India. The Enabling Prosperity stories have been filmed as 150 Documentaries across the Country. This Communication finds a place of reference in the recent book with foreword by Philip Kotler and written by Sameer Deshpande & Nancy Lee - SOCIAL MARKETING IN INDIA. It has the case study of IDEI and mention of this - with these engaging storyline films.