"Creative Communication is the trigger for greater impact and permanent change in the society"

"Brand Radinaz projects enrich Brand Purpose and empower Behaviour Change goals"

"Brand Radianz is the power to do good"

"Think.. if there can be an ideal acceptance of nature's bounties and an innate oneness with all other living beings of this world"

"Brand Radianz will educate, inspire and empower each one us to become a Changemaker"

Anil Annaiah

  • Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Ideator, Strategist
  • Author - Nobody Speaks To [ ME ], Simple Perceptions, New Clouds & My Mirror.
  • Founder of AnnleelaTM & Brand RadianzTM

Anil Annaiah works with leading corporate brands. He continues with his work from the last two decades, conceiving and contributing to corporate assignments as a photographer, ideator, strategist, consultant, writer & filmmaker. He has also worked towards social change projects in those years and continues to work extensively on social impact concepts with leading organisations in the social development world. His diverse experience & collective knowledge, lends him rich communications expertise. He aspires to bridge the gap between the two worlds he works with and offer a powerful synergy to build social goodness with communication ideas.

Movie Project

A film with the purpose of inspiring people to love the Planet. Story of a Girl Child and about the need to Save our World.

An unique step of coming together of Corporate Brands and their Employees to empower a social good feature film project.

Stories always enjoy the power to engage, articulate & entertain. As a filmmaker & storyteller Anil Annaiah is bringing one such powerful experience to the audience "Love is God". This is a story of falling in love...discovering a joy...finding a faith. The film will be presented across three languages. In Hindi as "Eshq Khudha Hai" & in Kannada as "Preetiye Devaru".

About the book

Anil Annaiah is the author of "Nobody Speaks To Me" published in 2001. This idea book was penned to communicate a passionate social change thought and to underscore the belief that the realm of writing is for sharing profundity.

"Nobody Speaks To Me" book celebrates the concept of "Brand RadianzTM" for effective social good synergies. The Brand RadianzTM practice works towards behaviour change goals. It explores participative engagements for social sustainability and transformational impact in the quest of building a better global society.

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Anil Annaiah is the founder of AnnleelaTM Visual Solutions & AnnleelaTM Communications Private Limited. "AnnleelaTM" was founded by him in the year 1989 to build on his visual domain ideology. Over the years this endeavour has taken shape as a corporate entity. "AnnleelaTM" has produced large scale film & documentary projects. It continues to evolve by being progressive in its market perception & effective creative strategy of audio visual communication designs. Today it provides cutting edge film content & imaging solutions for the global marketplace.