The present Colours we find in our food, in the atmosphere we breathe & in the water we use, are not true natural Colours.

The colours that a Sustainable Earth provides for, are the true colours we belong to.

The goal is for all of us to believe in these true natural colours of our Planet Earth and take a pledge to sustain it with our daily practices.

With these colours in life, we can say with pride -

In these colours... I find mine
In these colours... we find ours

En Rangon Mei... Mera Rang Hai
En Rangon Mei... Hamara Rang Hai

Today "Earth Needs Colour TM".

Find Exciting Opportunities For You and Your Organisation

  • Learn about the colours in our Environment
  • Understand the role of harmful pesticides in our daily living
  • Explore Organic food growing techniques
  • Explore the various Air & Water pollutants today
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