book reviews

Good, noble thoughts well articulated. The book is also very well designed and reader friendly. I quite like the idealistic thoughts. Lets hope that one day the mankind will live in such a wonderful world.

A G Krishnamurthy,
Founder, Mudra Communications
Ex. Chairman & MD, Founder MICA & Best Selling Author

I would like to thank you for sending me a copy of the recent edition of your book “Nobody Speaks To [Me]” and your new book “Simple Perceptions”. Both books are very easy to read and their message well-articulated.

The concept of every organization making its contribution towards developing a better global community is essential in today’s world. You have also discussed a very important issue regarding a higher degree of value based education for children. For the world to be a better place, it is essential that the youth of today be educated in a holistic manner.

Dr R K Pachauri
Director - General
TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute (Internationally recognised leader on environmental and energy issues and their policy dimensions.)

A small book packed with some powerful punches that leave a lot of food for thought! Aptly titled, Anil Annaiah’s book, ‘Nobody Speaks To Me’ has personal relevance to me since I work in the developmental sector. In my experience it is very difficult to get a listening from the mainstream community. I often wonder why the issues of human suffering that touch the very core of our lives are to be addressed by the non-governmental organizations only. It might come as a surprise that there are more than three and a half million non-governmental organizations operating in the country at an approximate of one for every four hundred Indians. Such a large number and we hardly see them in the mainstream media. The author has outlined a beautiful concept ‘Brand Radianz’ so simply and effectively with clear ideas for a win-win situation. His deep analysis on the social fabric that exists today and the need to sensitize the younger generation to bring about real changes and help them identify themselves with the larger social institutions are very pertinent.

His thoughts on creative communication leading to a social revolution for creating a better world, has come at the apt time when every common man on the street wants a change. It is for the corporate houses to take action, build their brands, develop a lasting goodwill with the consumers and provide exceptional benefit to mankind.

I sincerely thank and congratulate Anil for writing this book. We are very proud to have shared space with him when he released this book at our cultural festival ‘Prerana 2002’ in December 2002.

Jayashree Ramesh
Founder & Director - ASHA

I am not sure if I want to see it as book on branding. I am an entrepreneur that sells "Need" based services to the world in the sustainability space. I have had trouble convincing the corporate and this book gave me some crucial ideas. It informed my pitch and armed me with a weapon that I did not conceive before....Wonderful, Thanks AA

Mohan Polamar

Nobody Speaks To Me - Indeed a thought provoking, value based way of life. Very pertinent & topical, especially in these times of fast paced life, success at any cost mindset & declining moral fabric of society. I appreciate & applaud the thought behind this effort and would like to encourage more people to read the book.

R K Misra

"Nobody speaks to me" provides a new meaning to Corporate Citizen. The very simple approach to genuinely identifying and associating with a cause gives any corporate a very strong identity. The Author provides a very simple yet powerful concept and approach of Brand Radiance wherein the corporate can not only associate with a social cause, but also propagate awareness and solutions towards the cause it is associated with.

The author is definitely miles ahead in his approach. While companies like Tata exhibit Social responsibility through campaigns like Jaago Re, these though are mainly mass awareness. What would be fantastic to see, is Social responsibility being a way of life; starting with the corporate world and percolating into daily lives of individuals, thereby coming completely naturally to us. The author provides the first logical step in this direction and a path to achieving it.

For me, very elementary learnings were reinforced by "Nobody speaks to me". For e.g. the need to learn about empathy right from childhood (touched upon by the author when he speaks about emotional quotient); when making a change, the need to start from within (as advised to the corporate to first inculcate the feeling of social responsibility by starting with its own employees)

Read through to learn more about how you can use Brand Radiance to make a difference. Highly recommended for Corporate citizens of today and Corpo-Social citizens of tomorrow.

Nikhil Bagri

This book presents a much needed perspective for corporates on how to blend business needs with CSR.

"Brand Radiance" seems to be a new term and perhaps this is the right point in the history of our country when there is as much talk of economic growth as there is about those who are being left behind (such as farmers' suicides etc).

I hope it plants new ideas in the minds of corporates on how businesses can grow, wealth can be shared and the "Trickle-down" effect hastened.

Ravindra Karnad

A must-have book for every marketing professional! Very insightful – thoughts on how imbalances in society lead to a divide in this world are truly hard-hitting. How a ‘brand status’ can be measured with consumer demands is so true & tangible. Ideas on how to keep a brand alive are real gems. Analogy on ‘consumer spending patterns’ seem so logical. I personally liked the phrase & usage, “Successful communication transaction with consumer”, which gives a completely new perspective.

Indeed a great effort by Anil, who has so articulately put his intelligent thoughts to print – congrats to the author!

Sanjay Chandrakanth

Anil's case for Branding Practitioners (to endeavour CSA/PSA through the concept of Brand Radiance) is highly appreciable for the sheer advantage of it, not only in terms of the absolute 'goodness' of the effort but the potential benefits of satisfaction & happiness to both the promoted and the promotee, as well.

Its a re-emphasis that Corporates are potent force-multipliers of such causes and they need not think its just charity (and therefore for the non-profits or the governments!) That money can be made thru this route is amply demonstrated by the Nikes & the Apples of the world whose messages start with the inner / personal front - the [Me] and attempt social transformation at large (even more persuasive than 'Jaago re' maybe?) And apart from the money made, these brands have achieved unparallel Equity and stood the true tests of Branding!

Way to go Anil!!! What you have said, is probably where the future lies!!! And wish that more and more brand managers supplement their programs with such initiatives.

Somak Dhar

Its a fantastic book....i reccomend this for all the brand gives a different perspective to branding...being a brand manager it provided me great insights to also reflects authors experience and understanding of the brands and perception around it....a must read for people interested in branding and also for branding professionals.

Nawaz Mohammad

Just went through your stunning piece of heart's work - I mean your passion - Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book) radiating as Brand Radianz.

You have taken an unusual & interesting route to the concept of brand building, this route will make the client brand a RESPONSIBLE brand. Brand Radianz has a great future, I can't help but think of the Tata brand or the concept of United Colours of Benetton, when I look at the thrust of Brand Radianz. Your approach through Brand Radianz will help client brands and corporates engineer societal responsibility into the organizational DNA, brand building and marketing efforts.

Brand Radianz is not just abstract philosophy, it is very much related to the balance sheet. Brand Radianz concept is not just about a "feel good" factor, in fact, Brand Radianz will in the long shot give sustainability to brands (product brands and corporate brands) and make the balance sheet positively radiant!

Brand Radianz based approach has the potential to offer client brands, a competitive edge, through emotional differentiation. After all, it is said, people buy images and ideas represented by a product and not the physical product per se. Given a choice between Tata Salt and an unbranded salt pack, inevitably, the person who can afford, will reach out to the pack of Tata salt. That is the brand equity 'humble salt' can command! In this analogy lies the core truth of Brand Radianz!!

Congratulations on your passionate achievements - Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book) and concept of Brand Radianz.

Sunil S Chiplunkar

Nobody Speaks to Me is a thought provoking book that exhorts brands to go beyond brand loyalty and strive towards “Brand Radiance” by focusing on the greater common good of the society. According to the author, loyalty is not the end but the beginning of another remarkable journey towards social consciousness that benefit mankind, an opportunity to become permanently etched in a customer's ethos. While the undercurrents are the same as propounded by Kevin Roberts in his revolutionary book "Lovemark", where Anil differs from Kevin is in the ways to achieve “lovemark” status. While Kevin uses Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy as the three pillars to build love and respect for a brand, Anil propounds active participation through transformational social messages to achieve this status. He says such actions, when, not limited by geographic boundaries, can create a truly universal brand that rise above petty competition – a real point to ponder for any serious brand manager.

Dinesh G

A book with an apt title. The author is reflecting the thoughts of a consumer and where he or she stands. The book stands among the books on branding with a different appeal. The author here is able to explain Brand Radiance with a strong message for the advertisers to engage the marriage between the producer/manufacturer and consumer for common good.The book is most certainly thought provoking for an advertising professional

A A Ponnappa

Anil Anniah’s new book 'Nobody Speaks To Me', written with unmatched beauty and skill, blends deep insight on the reality of today’s society with refreshingly new marketing and brand concepts. It’s a book that shakes us out of our monotonous beliefs and send us on a voyage of self-discovery.

A must read for everyone embarking on the exciting journey of creating successful brands.

Shyam K V

This is a very interesting and easy-to-read book with a different insight in mass communication and Branding. The author has convincingly described on the needs to have brand promotion and social cause, go hand in hand. I was touched how author wishes the issues of humanity finding prime-time.

The book is definitely worth reading and worth brooding...

V S Jawahar

A must read for anyone interested in being relevant in this space in the country today. The author has given an insight into his hard thought concepts

Dhiraj Prabhu