Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment. Trees not only remove harmful chemicals from the soil, but also help reduce the greenhouses leading to global warming.

Choose an area and plant the saplings. Take a Selfie wearing a pair of Simple Green Glasses with the saplings you plant. Share the images & details of your Green View Pledge with us.

You can periodically check on the planted saplings over time and update your selfies to record the growth.

"My Green GlassTM" concept is to build enthusiasm and interest in the Green Practice of Planting Trees.

Find Exciting Opportunities For You and Your Organisation

  • Find how can you grow more trees around your campus
  • Plant more trees, take a selfie as Green View Pledge
  • Plan periodic monitoring of your saplings over time & take selfies to record the growth
  • Write a paragraph on what sapling you have planted and share with your group along with your selfie image
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