Today waste management is our biggest challenge. There are many obstacles and practical ends to meet this challenge.

The constant focus has always been about the HOW to segregate and not enough about the emotional WHY. With Y SEGREGATETM we can reach deep inside each person's mind and tell them a million reasons of WHY this is important for all us. With this a desire to know HOW will be the next spirited question in everybody's mind.

Educate Engage for Environment

From a MILLION reasons, to a BILLION reasons Y SegregateTM.

The wide and people participative part of this concept is towards building a list of reasons as to WHY it is important.

Once a person is aware then this person stands confidently with the knowledge "I Now Know Y SegregateTM".

Find Exciting Opportunities For You and Your Organisation

  • Discover facts about Segregation
  • Understand the impact on the Planet
  • Plan an activity to share Y SEGREGATETM with others
  • Build the "Y" tree
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